Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Ein neues soziales Netwerk ward geboren.

A new social network was born.

There are things in my live there was good for me. My top five in the 'Goody's and health category are listen music, good food, coffee, computer surfen and watch TV.

In the social media category it’s Heello.

Not only Twitter or Google Plus can make you feel better, a new social network includet many specials in it self, that not any other social network thing can you get, like Applications and Authorize your posts to Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s 5 of the ways Heello can be good for your health:

 1. To be feelling good with modern technic: Pings and Echo are a modern service to reply and re-posts to new times in new futures. You can see in posts pictures as previews and upload videos. @Heello help you share what you're doing. @Support there you helping and even @HeelloArt with wonderful ascii-pictures there are make you happy.

2. Inspiration: You look on other Pings of your friend and so shots ideas out your head to post about. 2th. communicationstype is 'direct message' send to friends for new ideas, allone the design and colors on the Heello site let you very inspirate anywhat to do.

3. Friendship: I have so many Heellowers in my list, so many that i not can tell you, so many i have in it. Out so many users let it simple find friends you can conservate with his. Coversation is a important togetherness of our days. Make friendships and you feel good!

4. Humour: @Jokes for laughing is fine for soul and mind, now so is even these categorie important in the life. Laughter in day and night, fun nonstop. Let your soul and give yourself the joy of falling down. Humor is an important thing in this fast paced world.

5. Share: "Share live your life", so the title of Heello, the best Ping will be gived it to the other user, listeners and friends, and on evening go to bed with a good feeling. It would make happy to go on the next day in Heello to Ping great posts.

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